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Hi! Welcome to Tri.

We're a team of nurses, doctors, biohackers and plant-obsessed misfits that harness the power of nature to deliver focus, pause, clarity and recovery.

Our bioactive terpene formulas are crafted to help you feel good, when you aren't feeling your best.

Simple as that.

Say hello to
your new self-care kit.

Consider this a gentle intervention.

Pick your plant companion and we'll handle the rest.

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What's inside?

Terpenes are the bioactive compounds that give plants their unique aroma and character. They're also the primary components of many plant-based medicines.

The effects of terpenes are incredibly diverse. Their pharmacological actions can help with sleep, focus, mood, anxiety, GI issues, inflammation, cognitive health and more.

Tri terpenes.

At Trifecta, we utilise the terpenes found within the cannabis plant. Don't worry - it's all above board! All of our terpenes are extracted from legal botanicals (like pine, thyme or citrus fruits). Ancient medicine, with a modern twist.

What do people say?
Hey, one last thing?

Trifecta uses an evidence-based approach to developing tools that
we can all use to unlock our inner-pharmacies.

Of all the tools, knowledge is our favourite.

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