Did psychedelics spark our first religions?


If the bees die, do we?

Will we find a way to avoid our catastrophic climate change, or will the sun implode and kill us all anyway?


Welcome to the age of information. It’s taken us quite some time to get here.

We’ve traversed through times of stone and eras of bronze, of iron swords and of holy gospels. We’ve built walls you can see from space, and then we built crafts to get to space. 


And now? We’re now. All of life’s questions are a finger tip away. Except, possibly, the ones that matter most.


Here, you’ll find a collection of the knowledge and understanding humans have fought to obtain over thousands of years, culminating in the information age. 


So, join us, as we indulge our curiosities, learn life’s mysteries and try to fill in the gaps of our fleeting, brilliant existence.

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